Fabric Favoured

We've come over all fabric obsessed. Scour your mind for the most sumptuous, tactile, evocative fabrics and what do you drag out? Plush crushed velvet,  ornate jacquard,  comforting cable knit virgin wools and the most hypnotic structured silk organza... It's enough to make you dive into a mountain of scraps and sew yourself into everything you find. Or perhaps something a little less literal. Still, we're in love with them all.

August Inspiration


Cycle Around The World

Vintage or sparkling and new, the bicyclette is one of the world's grandest inventions. Perfect for moseying around, rolling up and down hills or just racing through the city streets. Style Et Al has collected together a little scrap book of pinterest and tumblr images that best encapsulate the sweetest mode of transport that ever existed. We heart bicycles.


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