Mr Gatsby

There have always been men that cause chaos from between the pages of books - hello, Mr Darcy - but with the grand unveiling of Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby only weeks away, there comes a protagonist more intoxicating then most.

And why?

Could it be the inimitable glamour of the era, the unmistakable fallen hero ideal or the simple fact that Gatsby has become a cultural touchstone for all 20th century men who strove to breach the doors of America's upper class?

All good options, but frankly we're more inclined to think it's down to another rather more modern man. Leonardo Dicaprio. Swoon. Although the devilishly handsome costumes and decadent entrapments of wealth will probably not harm his chances of bewitching us, it's no small coincidence that Dicaprio has built his career on seducing women (and men) through the movie screen.

16th May for a UK release... It's in the diary.


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