Salone del Mobile

The Salone del Mobile 2013 - held in Milan back in April - was an extraordinary trade show featuring some of the most innovative, unique and stylish designs from across the globe. This year, it was hailed as a mecca for the best and brightest creators who were experimenting with light, texture, space and silhouette, and with just a small sample of what sorts of pieces were on offer shown below we think you'll agree it was pretty fabulous. Let's begin, shall we...

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba shelving system - Kartell

Acorn Lamps, Maija Puoskari

Victor Vasilev's A45 basin

Gastone Rinaldi - T 904

The Cell, Tom Dixon ('The Gem' was another fantastic set of strung lights)

Ascent Lights by Daniel Rybakken

So, whilst Style Et Al may have been a little breezy on the uptake, we think you'll agree there's no doubt that style and interior design make a lovely couple.


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